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glbtq_disabled's Journal

GLBTQQIA & Disabled
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A safe space where GLBTQQIA people can discuss issues pertaining to being GLBTQQIA and disabled
Welcome to

* This LiveJournal community is open to anyone respectful and open-minded who would like to join for any reason.


From here on out, I use the term "disability" very loosely. As anyone with a so-called "disability" knows, a "disability" is only "disabling" if we truly allow it to be so. I don't like the term myself, but I couldn't really think of a small enough synonym for the community name that would encompass all I wanted and needed it to. Here's to not letting your disability define you!

About The Community:

If you're gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, questioning, queer, intersex, allied, asexual, heterosexual, straight but not narrow, pansexual, gender fluid, androgynous, no label at all ... the list goes on, feel free to join. Specifically, if you're any of the above AND you have a disability of any sort, (be it mental, physical, learning, etc.), join.

This community is a safe space where we can discuss GLBTQQIA issues as they relate to being disabled: I.E., society's perceptions of our disabilities and our sexuality, dating, differences, concern from family and friends in regards to the combination of being GLBTQQIA and disabled, etc.

Anyone and everyone is welcome to join these discussions. If you're GLBTQQIA and disabled, if you have a friend or family member who's GLBTQQIA or disabled, if you're GLBTQQIA-friendly, if you're just GLBTQQIA, if you're just disabled, if you're an ally, if you're just interested in seeing what this community's about ... come on in.

Side Note: To avoid confusion/misunderstanding. Sometimes
, who wrote this bio, is unclear. She's not at all saying that being GLBTQQIA = being disabled. Some people see the community name and wonder if it's somehow ambiguous or something, so we're just refuting that misconception right off the bat. That's just...totally not true. At all. Ugh. So no...that's not at all what this community represents! GLBTQQIA pride all the way!!!

"There is some frustration when trying to integrate with the majority, but in settings that cater to my particular habits, preferences and needs, I function just fine. It's like trying to suggest that goldfish are disabled because they can't breathe air or move about on land. The problem's not with goldfish, the problem is
that for some reason you're expecting it to perform to an inapplicable standard."
, during a group discussion in this community (8-27-08).

Brief Rules:

1. Be respectful. No fighting, drama, cruel comments, bashing, etc. will be tolerated whatsoever. Remember the golden rule: "You bash, we ban!"

2. ALL POSTS MUST BE APPROPRIATE FOR ALL AGES. Additionally, pictures and irregularly long posts should go behind an LJ cut wherever possible. Entries breaking either of these rules will be deleted without notice.

3. No spamming! You may advertise relevant communities ONLY.

4. No deleting comments, just because they don't agree with your views! If you don't like them, don't read them. Also, don't make a post with comments disabled.

5. Have fun, and spread the word. We always need more members. Feel free to introduce yourself once you join so we can all say hi!

If you have any ideas, questions, comments or suggestions, or you're skilled with banners, icons, graphics, etc. and want to help this community obtain a cooler, more eye-catching layout, please feel free to contact



by commenting on her personal journal, e-mailing her at:
amor_demi_alma@ livejournal . com
, or by writing on an entry she has made in this community.

* Scroll down to find a list of relevant LJ communities below this note. Communities pertaining to disabilities and GLBTQQIA issues are both represented.

A Note From




Why This Community Was Created:

One of my best friends came out to me when I was a junior in high school. Since then, GLBTQQIA rights and issues have become a very important part of my life. I have often considered being a therapist for teens and young adults with an emphasis on GLBTQQIA issues. Additionally, I love to write, and have written two Young Adult Fiction novels entitled "Different Flavors" and "Rocky Road", which deal with GLBTQQIA issues in the high school setting. I hope that the DF series (I'm hoping to perhaps write a trilogy) will reach junior and senior high readers, and let kids in the GLBTQQIA community know that they're not alone.

For these and many other reasons, I enjoy learning about people in the GLBTQQIA community. Everyone has such unique experiences and stories to share, and as any writer knows, listening to and getting to know people inevitably fosters story ideas.

As I learned more about GLBTQQIA rights and politics, and as I made more GLBTQQIA friends, I realized that many disabled people who were part of the GLBTQQIA community had stories all their own. I, Caitlin,
, am totally blind myself, so obviously, some of the first "disabled" people I met in the GLBTQQIA circle were visually impaired. I learned many new things as I met many new individuals. A large number of parents of GLBTQQIA teens, for example, feel that, because their child is disabled and GLBTQQIA, he is apt to face more adversity than he would if he were GLBTQQIA and "able-bodied". Other GLBTQQIA people feel that, accepting as their community is, finding someone who fits their bill for sexual preference and simultaneously understands and looks beyond their disability is a rather daunting prospect, especially in high school and college. And certainly, being GLBTQQIA AND disabled opens up a different and wide array of questions. How does gaydar differ for deaf individuals? Blind individuals? Does it differ at all? How does one deal with being GLBTQQIA while wrestling with diabetes or depression or obsessive-compulsive disorder? And what about dating with a disability? What about being a disabled GLBTQQIA parent? And what about having sex?

I've looked for and found many awesome GLBTQQIA communities, both on and off LiveJournal ... but no LJ community catered specifically to the GLBTQQIA community AND the disabled community concurrently. There are forums for GLBTQQIA people in various regions or with specific disabilities, but I wanted a place where people of various sexual orientations and various disabilities could come together to share stories and advice, and, of course, make new friends.


Other LiveJournal Communities Of Interest:
Here's a list of communities that pertain to both GLBTQQIA topics AND disability topics. In no particular order, the community's title and
's brief (and usually goofy, dorky and-or kind of uninformative) description proceeds it. A banner succeeds the community's tag, if applicable. If you'd like to see a community added, comment on
journal or email her at (amor_demi_alma at livejournal dot com), and she'll be happy to check it out and put it on this list. Similarly, if you'd like to be affiliated (a.k.a., a sister community), just let Caitlin know. Sister communities get more exposure by being nearer the top of this list.
Note that GLBTQQIA communities AND disability communities are both represented throughout this list; however, because there is such a vast variety of disabilities, we recommend that you go to
and enter your disability in the "Find" searchbox if you wish to find relevant communities that might interest you. GLBTQQIA communities are the primary fixtures of the below list.
* Please note that
and its moderators cannot be held responsible for any of the content or goings-on in any of the below communities. We are not affiliated with any of them, except to be sister communities in some cases. Thus, if you have problems with another LJ community, please direct your questions/concerns to its respective maintainer(s). Thank you.

Blind Sight Girls: SISTER COMMUNITY!: BSG is my baby; I created it and I'm a maintainer and moderator. It's for any girl or woman, but it focuses on issues pertaining to blind women and girls.

Gay-Straight Alliance on LiveJournal: This is the best GSA-themed newsgroup that I've found on LJ so far. It's chalk full of news and awesome posts. I'm practically addicted to it.
Ally Boot Camp: SISTER COMMUNITY!: This is a community with emphasis on being an ally. That means that GLBTQQIA people can be allies for one another, straight people can be allies to GLBTQQIA people, and every other combination you can think of! They have an awesome userinfo page with some unique and helpful links.
The Dinner Crowd: SISTER COMMUNITY!: Want to chat about anything and everything without having to worry about being judged? This is your new favorite community!
Queer Challenge: SISTER COMMUNITY!: Icons of GLBTQQIA actors/actresses, entertainers, celebrities, and more. Any GLBTQQIA icon challenge you could ever think of exists (or potentially will/can exist) here!
Gay People United!
. Plus ...
I love their banner!:

join _gpu_.

Hmm has lots of members, and is for anyone who wants to join. The title is "Gender Blur".
Queer Teens also has lots of members, and one of the best "About" pages I've ever seen. They essentially define acceptance.
Add-Me Disabled: is what it sounds like: an Add-Me community for disabled people.
Ditto Add-Me GLBT: an Add-Me community for the GLBT community.
Bi People is also what it sounds like.
Blind People: This is the hugest blindie community out there. It owns.
Casual Gays: A place on LJ where you can chat and make GLBTQQIA friends.
Coming Out: A big community with teens in mind, this one focuses on coming out, as you might have guessed from its name.
Deaf: A great community for the deaf and their family and friends.
Disabled Media: analyzes the portrayals of disability in the media. This community is awesome, and it needs more members! We could get some stellar discussions going, so join it and bring along a friend or three!
Disabled Study: is basically what it sounds like. Another one that could use more members!
Disabled Student: Students with all sorts of disabilities hang out here.
Disabled Teacher: A community for disabled teachers. I want to be a teacher, and I was bummed by how few people are on this one. I know there are tons of us out there. If you fit the bill, or know someone who does, or just want to discuss being a disabled teacher, join!
Equal Access: discusses the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) and disability rights in general. The politician in you, however dormant, will eat this up. I abhor politics and I love this community anyway! It's that cool.
Fag Hags: This one is one of my very favorite communities, because I'm totally a fag hag. I seriously just adore gay guys. I can't help it. This is a friendly community where everyone is welcome, especially us lucky girls who have lots of gay guys as best friends.
Flame Dames: Along the same lines as FagHags.
Feel Proud To Be: A friendly community for GLBTQQIA people and their allies to talk. Another one that deserves more members!
FTM Youth: A community for FtM (female to male) transsexuals and their allies to convene.
FTM Students: A community for FTM (female to male) transsexuals and their allies who are college students to convene.
Gay Marriage: Discusses legislation, news, etc., pertaining to gay marriage. Another busy, happy community! (Whoa, that sounded kind of sily...But it is a nice place!)
Gay Rights: A community discussing gay rights, such as marriage, hospital visitation rights, etc. Lots of interesting topics over here.
Gay and Straight: Another friendly community geared toward GLBTQQIA teens and up. Very open to what they discuss; all topics of conversation are welcome.
Gay Str8 Alliance: Gay and straight people come together here to discuss GLBTQQIA issues and make friends. A great community to meet new people and have fun.
Abolish Gender: Deals with gender stereotypes and the idea of abolishing preconceived gender expectations.
Acceptance Teen: A place for teens to make friends and be accepted.
Advice for Teens: A busy haven for teens to get advice on anything and everything.
Disabled Rage: A community where people with any and every disability can get feedback and assistance through the hard times.
Gay Teens: A place for GLBTQQIA teens and their allies to chat.
Girl Advice: A place for girls to give and get advice. Guys are also welcome in this one.
Girls Wear Boxers: A fun community for GLBTQQIA girls. Needs more members!
GLBTQ For Life: A community for GLBTQQIA people who are anti-abortion, pro-life, or whatever you want to call it.
Cerebral Palsy: For people with CP and those who care about them.
Asexuality: For asexuals and their allies.
GLSEN Up: Deals with GLSEN-related discussion.
GQ Writers: A place for GLBTQQIA writers to swap relevant stories and pieces of written work.
GLBT Stories: Same philosophy as the above.
Green Stripe: Another favorite...This one's all about the allies! I think allies are very important to the GLBTQQIA community. It makes me sad when the A for ally is left out of the acronym! :)
The following communities are all gay-straight alliances or have that general theme.
, the last of which focuses on forming a GSA at your school.
I Am Pansexual: A community for pansexual folk and their allies. This one has an amazing userinfo page that is totally moving. It has user quotes and lots of other awesome information on pansexuality.
It's Called Pride!: A community that celebrates being GLBTQQIA.
Lesbians with Disabilities: What it sounds like. This community has lots of activity, which is stellar.
LGB Blind: A community for the blind GLBTQQIA people out there. We need more members too!
FTM: A great resource for FTM (female to male) transsexuals and their allies.
LGBT: Home of general discussion for the GLBTQQIA LJers.
Shades of Grey: A great place for people who are questioning their sexuality.
MTF: A community especially for MTF (male to female) transexuals; all GLBTQQIA people are welcome to join and discuss.
Transgender: A community for all transsexuals and their allies.
No Pity: A community for people with any and every kind of disability...Family and friends are welcome too.
Open Minds: A place for GLBTQQIA LJers to chat safely about anything and everything.
Our Queer Family: Welcomes all GLBTQQIA people to chat about pertinent issues.
Outminds: A community especially for writing and self-expression about GLBTQQIA issues.
PFLAG: Parents, families and friends of lesbians and gays on LJ!
Planet GSA: Members can discuss goings-on at Gay-Straight Alliance meetings in their school, university, etc. We need more members here!
Political Queer: A community that focuses on GLBTQQIA issues in politics. Needs more members!
Pride Teach: A community to discuss the implementation of GLBTQQIA issues in the classroom in the hopes of fostering tolerance, acceptance and understanding.
Queer: A safe space for GLBTQQIA people to discuss anything and everything GLBTQQIA!
Queer Yay!: Celebrates being GLBTQQIA with flair! Even reading the bio makes me smile. :)
Queer Rage: A safe space where members can discuss discrimination and difficulties pertaining to GLBTQQIA issues.
We Know Disabled: People who are disabled or are interested in or affiliated with disability in any way congregate here to discuss issues and make friends.
Bay Area FTM: A community for FTM (female to male transsexual) people from the Bay Area to discuss relevant topics.
Lesbian: The biggest community out there for lesbians and their allies.
Bisexual: A community for bi people and their allies.
Trans Coverage: A community that supports those fighting for GLBTQQIA rights, with an emphasis on those for transgendered individuals.
Rainbow Youth: A community especially for GLBTQQIA young people. Needs more members!
Rainbow Club: A place to chat about GLBTQQIA issues. Also needs more members!
Rainbow Support: A great place to talk about everything GLBTQQIA and to learn about new resources on the Web!
Sacramento Queers: An LJ community specifically for GLBTQQIA people in the Sacramento, CA. area.
The Other Q: NEEDS MORE MEMBERS! A community for people who are questioning their sexuality and want to meet other people online who are dealing with the same feelings/questions.
Trans Youth: A place for young people to discuss GLBTQQIA issues with an emphasis on being MTF (male to female) or FTM (female to male) as a teen.
United We Roar: Focuses on providing resources and links about GLBTQQIA issues and rights. This is also a great place to chat and make new friends.
Add ADHD: A place for people with ADHA, as well as their friends and family to discuss ADHD.
Dyscalculia: I always thought I was just sucky at Math, but at one point I thought I had dyscalculia. I don't believe that I do anymore, but it's still interesting to read about it. Here's a community with lots of info and great people.
ADD Students: A place for students with ADD and other learning disabilities to share experiences.
Gimp Girl: A place for girls with disabilities.
MTF Lesbians: A community for lesbian identified MtF (male to female)
transsexuals to chat, share information and support. Partners and allies are welcome to join, too.
GLBT Allies: A community for all GLBTQQIA people to share articles and posts about gay rights and GLBTQQIA things in general.
Add Me Gay: An add-me community for anyone GLBTQQIA.
Gender Queer: For people who don't feel that they fit gender stereotypes. Everyone is welcome, but you do need to send in a very brief and simplistic app explaining why you wish to join. If I got in, though, odds are you can! Everyone is very friendly here.
Rainbow Ark: A discussion of GLBTQQIA issues with an emphasis on religion. Respectful atheists are also welcome, and useful links are provided, including some that will connect you to other religiously affiliated GLBTQQIA LJ communities.
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