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Hello everybody

I've been lurking on this comm for a while. Now I've been asked to post the recruitment ad below. The researcher is a personal friend of mine so I know that she's genuine. If you'd like to contact her, please use the contact details she gives below. She says this:

My name is Jessica Worner, and I am looking for volunteers to take part in a research project that I am doing as part of a Social Psychology MSc degree at the University of Surrey.
The research aims to look at the experiences of people who would describe themselves as disabled with a physical impairment or as having a physical disability, and who also identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or otherwise do not identify as heterosexual.
To help me do this, I am looking for volunteers to take part in informal and confidential interviews that will last up to 90 minutes.
It is hoped that by doing this research, a better understanding may be gained of some of the experiences and issues faced by LGB people with physical disabilities.
To take part in interviews, you must be over 18 years of age and currently live in the UK.
If you are interested in taking part, or would like any more information about the research, please feel free to contact me via email at or by calling 07783 267006.

Groundbreaking new documentary

Invitation to Attend the Première of the Documentary “Respect: The Joy of Aides”

Date: Saturday, January 7, 2012
Time: 11:00 AM-1:00 PM
Location: The Downtown Independent Theater, 251 S. Main Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012

What if one day, you woke up and found that you could no longer walk? What if you opened your mouth and couldn't form the words that you heard so clearly in your head? Who would you trust enough to speak for you? Read more...Collapse )

Officially to the point of hating my body.

I saw my Allergist yesterday for a routine 1 year follow up. Long story short: I thought it was going to be a simple visit, but after multiple testings and scans, he came to the conclusion that I have a "Nodule of bacteria" in my left nostril. So. Excited. Except not.

So. Because of where the nodule is located (so close to my brain) and because I am immune suppressed, and because of all the other medications I am on, I have to be on antibiotics and Prednisone for the next two months. If I were not on other medications, I could be put on something different that would cut the treatment time drastically. ::sigh::

I realize I'm being dramatic, but the antibiotics are killing my stomach and I feel like I'm going to die. Also, my brain feels like mush, but I'm pretty sure thats just because I can't deal with this crap right now.

Awesome new documentary about people with disabilities and attendants

Hello I'm making a documentary exploring the relationship between people with disabilities and their aides. I think I have kind of a unique view on how aides should be hired and directed as employees. Since I spend so much time with my own aides I want us to become friends but also maintain the balance of a professional relationship. The most important thing is mutual respect which many people with disabilities and their aides don't have. This documentary will feature an awesome comedian and playwright who will talk about her own experiences, my own exploration of my relationships with my aides, and you will hear from the people who have worked for us. Please spread the word.

6 hours left to vote for ME/CFS research and other neuroimmune illnesses

Just a reminder if you havent voted yet for the WPI...

We are in twelfth place and still dropping (the WPI) - currently entitled to $40000. We are risking losing the money at all. Please tell everyone you know to vote. It only takes two ticks and there is 6 hours left. Imagine what could be done with the money.

The WPI research into other illnesses like autism and fibromyalgia.

Instructions here:

Edit - ME/CFS stands for an illness known as either Myalgic Encephalomyelitis or Chronic Fatigue syndrome. It is sometimes also defined as CFIDS, (Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome.) It is a chronic neurological illness effect approx $40 million worldwide. It it is extremely debilitating. Severe sufferers are blind, in severe pain, having seizures, sensitive to touch, sound, and light, unable to speak, paralysed, suffering severe mental and cognitive deficits, and symptoms of the flu. It is an underfunded illness with associated stigma because unless a sufferer is severely ill others cannot always see that the patient is ill because the illness can be invisible. Overdoing it mentally or physically will cause a relapse and the patient will spend days to years to recover. Unless the have a progressive illness from which they never recover. A full symptom list can be found here

Triggers include trauma, infection , vaccination, pregnancy, and many more.

Causes include infections, heavy metal or pesticide poisonings, and malnutrition. Some studies link the illness to a retrovirus known as XRMV.

A good awareness video about ME/CFS can be found here

The WPI stands for the Whittemore Peterson Institute, a charity in Nevada. They are funding research into ME/CFS and other neuroimmune illnesses like fibromyalgia, autism, and gulf war syndrome. They are particularly interested in XMRV.

Thank you.


ME/CFS awareness video - this week is international ME/CFS awareness week

Excellent video about ME.This week is ME awareness week. Please watch and spread the awareness. This video is by my friend Daisy and is amazing. It also has pics of me and many of my friends included. It is also getting loads of hits! This is an extremely debilitating, common neurological/autoimmune illness, which doesn't receive the attention or support it deserves. Please help us change that.



Call for submissions! A Broader Spectrum: Expanding Social Understanding of Disability

Call for submissions! "A Broader Spectrum: Expanding Social Understanding of Disability"

Call for submissions!

Deadline: 1 November, 2011

What is a disability?

When faced with this question, many people will list an amalgamation of conditions or diagnoses, diseases, or identities. Since the acceptance of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) into law, society as a whole has been mandated to accommodate needs due to disability status and make environments and opportunities accessible upon request. However, with this shift, social conceptions of what constitutes a disability have come to highlight a select few classifications from among the myriad individuals whose lives are vastly affected by what they consider a disability.

A BROADER SPECTRUM seeks to break down some of the notions that society maintains about what a disabled person looks like, as well as the existence of multiple identities within people with disabilities.

What community exists for people who are told they don't really have a disability, but in one or more ways cannot access mainstream communities? Where do we send people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, non-debilitating brain injuries, or any number of invisible forces, to understand themselves and how to get along with their body? What has happened to the stories of individual people with disabilities as the age of the ADA has progressed? How do you nurture multiple identities when only one - if any - is socially recognized and/or accepted?

A BROADER SPECTRUM wishes to provide a stage for anyone who has been affected by this. For the people that are told nothing is wrong, but wake up every day knowing something about their body is not cooperating with them. For the people that have a diagnosis with no understanding of what it means for them and the people in their lives. For the people utilizing services under the ADA that need a space to discuss the problems still in existence despite this law, and for the people that wish they had service to utilize in the first place. For the people whose other identities have been forced to take a backseat to their disability, or vice versa. For the people that have been swept under so many rugs, whose stories are just as deserving of attention as everyone else's. The world is not immutable. Tell us about your future, your past, your present. Tell us who you are.

What to submit:

Poems, short stories, photographs, essays, graphic art, interviews, or any other expressive written work. Pieces should be based in NON-FICTION. Write about your experiences living with a disability yourself, or being partnered with someone living with a disability. Highlight moments where disability has intersected one (or more) area/s of life, including but not limited to: social interaction, community involvement, medical/self-care, diagnosis, relationships, family, friends, school, or employment. Pieces should be reflective and emotional: please detail how these experiences and disability affected you, if/how it changed your life, whether it had a lasting effort, if you experienced hostility, what your emotional process was like, etc.

It is not required that you disclose your/your partner's disability. However, as this anthology will seek to promote understanding and knowledge of disability by discussing situations that fall outside the "normal" idea of disability, greater amounts of honesty and disclosure may leave a more lasting impression on the reader.


Deadline is November 1st, 2011, though early submissions are greatly appreciated. Submissions should be sent with .doc or .rtf file extensions, or be black/white JPGs (if graphic art or photography). Previously unpublished work will be given priority - please indicate if your piece has been published prior to this. If you have an idea but need help transcribing it, translating it to English, or with any other means of recording it, please contact us to discuss possible accommodations.

Please include a cover letter with a brief bio, including contact information - address, phone number (please specify if voice/text/VP), preferred e-mail address, and pseudonym if you wish. Anonymity/changed names will be respected. All contributors retain rights to their pieces. Payment is in the process of being negotiated, but regardless, authors of accepted pieces will receive 1 copy of the book upon publication.

Send your submissions as e-mail attachments to

Please encourage reposting!


 hello all I'm Tansy. I'm a mostly lesbian taken 18 year old 

I'm medically diagnosed with:

Aspergers Syndrome, ADD, OCD, Fine moter issues, depression, anxiety, hypersensativity (in sences) multiple learning disabilities...
(I've also been having panic atacks latly)

there is also some non medical stuff... and I think post tramatic stress left over from my childhood.... plus.... I deal with a lot.... like my parents being sick about 50% of the time... And going from upper to lower middle class due to parents illnesses.... ETC

is anyone here an artist?