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It's a new month, New discussion topic

Why do you get away with things?

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I often look at what I anticipate getting away with. There are some big ones. I won't ever have a family due to the nature of my disability and the medication I take to help mitigate the majority of symptoms. While my parents are still hopeful, I haven't had the heart to tell them and maybe when I'm 50 they'll finally give in. My friends don't expect to be invited to a 'wedding'. And my friends, though ever hopeful, know I won't be bringing a plus one to their weddings.

Don't get me wrong, there's emotional pain involved with each realization that these are things in life I may at one time really wanted, but now this is my reality and I at least have to have a grip on life no matter what seems to come my way.

But then there's other things like, my head teachers at work know that I'm flipping through three books at once and they come over and take away two of them. Clearly that day I'm not focusing and I'm definately not helping them when I'm not able to get out the information they need. Even when I sputter and claim that the books are reference, unless it's a dictionary I probably actually don't need that book right then and there.

Even in every day life, just finding the thing that just made that moment easier is helping you get away with some little less chaotic burden.

But what are you aware of that you "get away" with due to your disability? I'm not just talking about when you were younger, perhaps even now. Not just because you can't handle it. And when you look back, does it bother you or did it save you? What do you get away with for being gay?
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